For anyone living in Beijing China, Jiong Jiong Comic & Cos Play Event 2013 (JJYS) held in the China National Convention Center was on yesterday, Thursday 3rd Of October 2013, so it was another perfect excuse once again for the Capsule Computers Crew to attend and cover the event.  Just like last year, the event was very well organized and planned with the fans enjoying a fantastic day out.  As always collecting our special media pass tickets we were able to get in and take a look at the event floor 2 hours before the massive crowds / fans and cos players were allowed it. And I must say “THANK THE ANIME GODS” for that! As once the clock stuck 9am, the flood gates opened and it was on for young and old!


Cos Play at Jiong Jiong was in full force as you can see with the pictures taken below (over 360 gallery images) a lot of effort and time was put into some of the outfits which I must say were very interesting and amazingly well designed. Cos-Play here at Jiong Jiong  was as possibly the best this year so far with some fantastic outfits on show from nearly every major anime/manga  currently airing at the moment. The great thing about regularly attending these events is you get to know the regulars and see what new costumes they have designed, which is always very exciting if you’re a cos-play fan.


As always the same crowds are in attendance when it comes to comic shows and Jiong Jiong was no exception to the rule, so once again the geeks, nerds, cos-players, children, old people wanting to be cool, you name it, they were there!  The show was held at the China National Convention Center which also located right next door to the world famous Beijing National Stadium: most people call it the Bird’s Nest which hosted the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Convention centre is absolutely huge, and this time the show floor took up the entire area and was jam packed with stalls stocked with amazing Comics and Dojinshi’s, toys, clothes and a variety of other cool stuff from popular Anime’s such as Attack On Titan, One Piece, Free! (see image gallery for more details) If you wanted your favourite comic or anime merchanise, the plan is always the same: Make sure you know were it was by doing your research while in the queue waiting or by checking online days before and preparing your list and memorizing stall locations and high tailing it over to the stall to buy whatever you want!


As mentioned above Jiong Jiong opened its doors at 9am and was still buzzing at 5pm with fans taking photos of cos-players and people still buying their last minute comics, toys etc before they were asked to vacate the show floor. As always with video games in mind, the event was the perfect opportunity to bring along your trusty Nintendo 3DS to pick up a few more street passes while shopping for cools stuff and checking out the fantastic Cos Players.

Check out all the photos from yesterday’s event below, let us know what you liked the most or which Cos-Play character you thought was the best dressed in the comments section below.

Jiong Jiong 2013 images also available on our Official Facebook Page here

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