Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy Volume 1 to be released October 1

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voice-over-seiyu-academy-volume-1-coverToday Viz Media has revealed that they are currently planning on releasing the first volume of Maki Minami’s latest manga, Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy, on October 1 under the company’s Shojo Beat label.

The manga will cost $9.99 if purchased physically and $6.99 if purchased digitally either through Viz’s website or the Viz Manga smartphone app. Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy follows the story of Hime Kino as she follows her dream to become a voice actress. When she is accepted by the prestigious Holly Academy’s voice actor department she seems like she’s on the right path, but her gruff voice has put her at a major disadvantage, but she is going to do her best and show everyone she has what it takes.

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