Chilling Visual Novel Higurashi Green-Lit on Steam

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Coming only 10 days after my article in which I used this visual novel as a prime example of why we need more translators working on visual novels as a whole, Higurashi: When They Cry has been green-lit for Steam! As one of the first visual novels I ever read, I loved it from the second I picked it up, finding it  deeply thought-provoking and chilling to the bone. It has its flaws, mostly in the form of it’s hideously ugly character sprites which I would hope would be updated before releasing what is essentially a PS2 game on the modern PC platform, but the brilliant soundtrack and story mean that they can be overlooked.


“The protagonist of the story is Keiichi Maebara, who has just moved to a small village with his parents. At first everything seems fine. He makes friends, they have fun, everything seems like an average anime storyline. Maybe he’ll fall in love, there will be some romance, and everything will be sunshine and rainbows… Wrong. Suddenly something starts to feel a bit off.  Keiichi starts finding things out. Things about the village, its people, its past. All at once it seems the world has collapsed around him and through a subtle series of hints you are left as the reader to try and work out what is happening in this dark and mysterious village.”

I strongly recommend that everyone plays this when it is released because it will make every tacky Hollywood horror you have ever seen pale by comparison. It’s deep complexity combined with an underlying sense of unease that bleeds through the character and into the reader makes it a must-play. Keep up to date with details of Higurashi’s release over in our Anime News section.

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