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We have 5 copies of June 2013 anime releases from Hanabee to giveaway. We will be giving away the following:

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on DVD and on Blu-Ray
Mysterious Girlfriend X on DVD and on Blu-ray
Nisemonogatari Part 2 on DVD

To win simply leave a comment below answering the following question and we’ll pick a lucky winner for each title:

Which Hanabee title do you want to win and why?

We’ll pick 5 lucky winners on the 30th of June. Make sure you use a  valid email when you register/post your comment so we can email you if you are one of our winners.


Competition is open to AU Residents only.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist

  • The_Warping_Penguin

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia please!
    I’ve heard it’s a horror themed anime, and I adore the horror themed genre, so it’ll be a nice presento to party up with anime after exams (like usual ;D)

  • Todd Murray

    I would love to own Mysterious Girlfriend X (DVD). The story is love story with a twist of the saliva kind.

  • William Erdmann

    I would like to win Mysterious Girlfriend X on DVD. Because I like the whole ominous feeling from a mysterious girl who has a “unique” saliva.

  • SickPigeon

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Blu-ray because I like ghost stories, I actually believe I use to live in an old house that had a female ghost. The reason I believed it was female is because sometimes after feeling cold spots I could smell perfume or flowery scents. It looks interesting and who doesn’t like to solve mysteries. Plus I am not sure I could stomach the drool from Girlfriend X

  • James

    Nisemonogatari Part 2 so I can get some closure on the characters!

  • disqus_hoJjClYgF0

    Mysterious Girlfriend X, only because my girlfriend is mysterious too…

  • weston_tyl

    I’d like to win Mysterious Girlfriend X on blu-ray. It looks creepy and very interesting at the same time. thanks

  • Christopher Hatswell

    I want to win Nisemonogartari because after seeing Bakemonogartari it would soo good to see the rest of the series!!

  • Simon

    I’d like to win Nisemonogartari part 2 because I loved the 1st part.

  • joseph

    Mysterious Girlfriend X because it my fav anime thats all i am going to say

  • TTXRaven

    Nisemonogatari. The Monogatari series is, by far and a way, my favorite anime series.

  • choochou

    id love to win dusk maiden its anime i’ve always wanted to watch and after reading the review on the site id like to really win this. (blue-ray please)

  • ZaCRAzYaZN

    Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia is possibly one of my favourite animes in the sense that its so completely different to others that i have watched. Would love to have one of these just to start a dvd collection.

  • Mason

    Nisemonogatari! This would add to my Monogatari collection that me and my sister are absolutely loving!! :3

  • Rika

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. Because I’m lucky to have a rather lovely, but ordinary life – and it’s nice to enjoy watching supernatural and horror and enjoying it, without having to ever experience it myself.

  • Geoff Kelly

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia; Dark, mysterious, sexy!

  • Becca

    I’d very much like a copy of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. Because to me it’s one of the most epic animes EVER. Thank you

  • Joel Peyton

    I would like to win Mysterious Girlfriend X, I never thought i would like it when i first read about it but after only watching a couple of episodes im completely hooked and need the rest of it.

  • Tom Sones

    I’d like to win Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on Blu-Ray because I really enjoy anime with paranormal themes. Not only that, but I know the DVD/BD comes with a soundtrack, and I’m a huge fan of good music and soundtracks, so it would be perfect for my music collection as well as my anime collection.

  • Dwayne Hee

    I would prefer any anime artworks from the Hanabee Company. This is because the artwork concept is base on moral education, critical thinkings, slice of life, and the enthusiasm of the work of the artist that brings the story comes to life. I love Hanabee’s animation very much.

  • Damien Cooper

    Nisemonogatari Part 2 for me.
    I have copies of all the other ones (obtained from you of course) and would love to finish my collection before either Nekomonogatari (black) comes on DVD or Monogatari Season 2 airs. Unluckily I just lost my part time job, and as i am a student in university, money is very important. So unless someone decides to just give it to me, this is the only way I will be able to get my hands on it before one of these two events.
    thankyou for considering me

  • Blood_AssassinX

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia) would be the copy I would enjoy winning the most. The whole anime gave such a good blend of drama with comedy, with the whole environment, music and characters putting so much emotion into it. It’s all fine, then it changes completely and that’s where everything is really shown and bought out to it’s fullest.
    Plus, who wouldn’t love a lovely ghost troll wondering your school corridors? Simply put, Yuuko is an impossible character to forget about.

  • Sdekka

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia because of its perfect blend of comedy and horror with a nice kick to the feels that just leaves you on the floor in the foetal position weeping in a good way. Yes

  • Samo

    I’d really love to have Mysterious Girlfriend X on Blu-Ray as the series is much like a break from most other anime I watch. For one of 2012’s romantic comedy anime I surprisingly found it enjoyable, and waiting for more episodes of drooling. Once you can get over the drooling the series becomes great. Urabe’s character is quite entertaining to watch and probably is the best designed character in the series. It’s great to follow Urabe and Tsubaki’s relationship in each episode. I always love the parts with the hidden scissors, which slowed the pace of the couple’s relationship and balanced out the comedy with the romance. I liked the style of animation in this, it used much more lines to add detail than the usual standard nowadays and the dream theme has to be a highlight of the anime. Overall the series for me is very nice, definitely something that I would watch again. I hear the new English dub is decent. I’d like to see how that is and give my verdict on it too.

  • Jak Odin Gem

    I want all but I’ll have to go with Nisemonogatari Part 2 because of that beautiful cover design. I really do hope Hanabee do more DVD covers like this. I have the first part but cannot afford to purchase the second due to being a full time uni student. While I will inevitably buy it, winning it would be so much more awesome. =3

  • Josh Rooney

    I really want love it all but would have to go with Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on Bluray. I have heard great things about this series from friends and winning this would be awesome because it could mean I could be another to experience this apparent awesome series.

  • Ian01313

    I would love Mysterious Girlfriend X for DVD as it is one of the best anime’s I’ve seen. The subject manner is an interesting concept and I have love what they have done with it and the way it turned out.

  • sylontack

    I am liking the sound of the Dusk Maiden DVD. I saw a copy in stores and it’s one heck of a nice release, and I love that the soundtrack has come with it (OSTs are so expensive D: ). The cover really piques my interest, it looks (and I hear it is) VERY interesting and very dark and if there is any way to get me into a title it’s the level of dark content.

  • Cooper

    The bond between siblings must be the most interesting thing to date, bar none. On top of the dental hygiene from the 1st collection, we – as a species – must ensure that we take good lessons from Nisemonogatari part 2. I ask that I be given part two to, not only compliment part 1 already in my possession, but for the sake of science, progress and large breasted girls in kimonos. Look into your heart, you know that this is the way of a true friend of humanity.

  • Soupy Twist

    The Monogatari series is the greatest anime I have ever seen. It’s amazing how you can have so much dialogue and be way more interesting than every action scene ever made. The cleverly written dialogue, the immaculate animation (no one does smiles like Monogatari), the incredible characters. I wanted to buy Nisemonogatari so much when it came out, but unfortunately no one is interested in buying my organs, so I just have to sit back and be jealous of others.

  • Aaron Ward

    Mysterious Girlfriend X as it is the first anime series I ever watched and completely blew me away with it’s story and somewhat bizarre concept also it is what got me really interested in anime (and manga).

  • Tommy Hang

    mysterious girlfriendx: stroy of my life

  • Yewwwww

    I want to win Nisemonogatari because the Monogatari series my favourite anime series, due to its gorgeous composition of art, incredible story and the fact it taught me how to read subtitles really quickly and I really want to complete my collection!
    Please pick me so i can watch the rest of Ararararagi’s* adventure!
    Sorry i flubbled it.

  • Tom Cartoonist

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – Because I’m fully and totally judging a book by its cover (or should I say DVD?), when I say that it looks like one dark & juicy mystery anime! Or something like that 😛
    And I loove a good mystery! 🙂

  • James

    I’d like to win Mysterious Girlfriend X, as I really enjoy romance anime and it certainly looks like a very different approach rather than following the normal. I haven’t yet seen the series yet and I would certainly love to own it 🙂 Also the included drool theme could be interesting

  • Pat

    Definitely want check out Dusk Maiden Amnesia, mainly because whenever i looked up Amnesia (the 2013 autumn season reverse harem) I would always get Dusk maiden amnesia as a result first. Its been in the back of my mind since!

  • Luke

    Nisemongatari part 2 because I own part one and really loved it. So i’m hoping to complete my collection.

  • Fkn Nm

    Mysterious Girlfriend X sounds like it will be “mysterious” 🙂 So I wouldn’t mind checking that out on DVD

  • space_dog

    Nisemonogatari Part 2! Because part one was amazing, and the art book is great too :3

  • Jo

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on Blu-Ray. The concept of the anime is fascinating with Yuuko being a ghost who, unlike what usually is seen with ghosts must walk to her destinations rather than go through the walls. She can also get hungry and as a ghost, is the President of the Paranormal Investigations club! A good horror/romance series with a catchy opening and ending theme which suits the series. This releases come with two soundtrack CDs, which will be what I believe is a first for Hanabee and an excellent extra for the home release.

  • Jess

    It would have to be Dusk maiden of amnesia my favorite genre of anime is has always been ROMANCE and after reading about this anime. I thought my head would explode with excitement at all the themes put into the anime. the themes reminded me of another favorite anime of mine Ghost hunt. Very excited to just obsess and drool over this anime. 😀

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