Taichi Added To Digmon Masters Online



Digimon, Digital Monsters, fans will all have to remember this particular character. His name is Taichi (or Tai in the dub) and he is the lead character in Digimon Adventure 01 (or Digimon Season 1 in the dub). Taichi is being added to the Digimon MMORPG, Digimon Masters Online, by Joymax.

In Digimon Adventure, Taichi is shown to be a courageous young boy that dislikes classwork, but will always do what’s best for his friends. He is paired with the Digital Monster: Agumon, which Digivolves into the great Omnimon, eventually, by Jogresing with MetalGarurumon as MetalGreymon.

Players of the MMORPG will have a chance at winning the Tamer for use in two events. These are quoted below:

Players can participate in two events for their chance and earning this new exchange tamer!  “Hunt Devimon and Capture the Moment,” will have players hunting down Devimon and submitting a screenshot in an exchange for tamer, Tai.  “Reach the Top 10 Tamers of Gazimon” will challenge players to reach the top to earn the cutest and brand new tamer!

Be sure to check out the official site for more info.


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