Remember Me reminds us to remember its release today

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Today a game that simply wants to be remembered was launched in North America and the game’s developer Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom don’t want to let us forget about it. To do this not only have they announced the game’s release today but they have also released a new launch trailer for the game which can be seen below. It is worth remembering that PAL regions still have a day to wait however before the game grace’s their store shelves.

Anyways, Remember Me sees the player in the city of Neo-Paris in 2084 taking control of a woman named Nilin who has ironically lost her memories. The reason this is ironic is thanks to the fact that Nilin possesses the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or alter their memories to her benefit. As Nilin ventures through the city to remember who she is, she will have to face off against her enemies with a diverse move set that allows players to customize their attack patterns to fit their playstyle.

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