LEGO Legends of Chima Beta Announced

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LEGO fans have another reason to be excited at this years E3 as WB Games Montreal have announced the beta for their upcoming game LEGO Legends of Chima on PC and Mac. For the uninitiated,  Legends of Chima is an open world online game that’s free to play and set in an interactive virtual world. The game is based upon the popular series of toys and cartoons and lets player choose from the Lion, Gorilla, Eagle, and Bear tribes.

Gamers are given the task of designing and building your own outpost and make it to suit your own play style for a unique game experience. You can even build and craft your own weapons, armor, and various gadgets from bricks that you find while exploring the vast game world. As your outpost expands and grows you gain access to new and varied building to add, each with its own unique abilities and different boosts for your character.

Another feature LEGO fans should take note of is the inclusion of real in-game building instructions to build and customize the experience even further. These items will be invaluable as you explore the land of Chima and fight against the forces of the Raven, Croc, Wolf, and Rhino tribes.


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