Evangelion and Schick Come Together For Operation: Refresh 10,000

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Fresh from the shower and ready for some manscaping...err...umm.

Fresh from the shower and ready for some manscaping…err…umm.

This is a bit of odd news but what makes it truly funny is that we’ve seen stuff like this far too much in the past. We all know the company Schick right? They make razors and shavers and they keep us all, pretty much, hair free. Now we all know what Neon Genesis Evangelion is right? I’m sure if you’re reading this that, yeah, you do. Well Schick Japan has partnered up with the Evangelion movies, once again, for another promotional campaign which will be called “Operation: Refresh 10,000”.

They're so beautiful and clean!

They’re so beautiful and clean!

Basically this promotion is just to show the Schick Hydro 5 which is, supposedly, endorsed by no other than Gendo Ikari. Schick will be giving away 10,000 razors, hence the name, to random winners. The draw begins on Thursday and will run until July 29. Each sample kit will include a Hydro 5 blade holder and three grams of the special shaving gel which I’M going to say is made from 100% LCL.

Go ahead and watch the commercial which is in our Featured Video section below. It is both beautiful and horrific which is actually a lot like the Evangelion franchise itself. Very Interesting.

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