Company of Heroes 2 Campaign Demo Now Available

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After seeing Sega and Relic Entertainment‘s Company of Heroes 2 campaign demonstration at E3, many of you are likely keen to test out the demo for yourselves. Well, now you can! Those who have yet to download the Beta can do so by visiting the game’s Steam Store Page (players who already have the Open Beta installed need do no more than fire up the program, where they’ll notice that the Campaign element has been unlocked).

Players will gain access to a mission from the middle of the campaign: ‘The Land Bridge to Leningrad’ where the task is to cross a frozen lake under heavy German fire. Players only get access to a portion of the level, with full access only arriving with the retail version. But hurry, the Campaign demo and Open Beta are only available to play up until Tuesday, June 18th.

The full retail release will be hitting shelves for PC on June 25th, 2013

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