Destiny. Become Legend.

Destiny. Become Legend.

One of the biggest things that Sony revealed at it’s 2013 E3 conference, second to maybe the software specs and price, was a good 12 minutes of live gameplay footage from Bungie’s next big game Destiny. Fans expected there to be something about Destiny at the conference but this just rocked audiences. If you don’t know; Destiny is an upcoming, epic, sci-fi, action, first-person shooter, made by Bungie and Published by Activision, that takes place in a, somewhat, destroyed future. The creaters of Halo have done such a great job on this game and you can see the sheer brilliance in the footage.

We saw things like: drop in/drop out co-op, MMO-style gameplay where a player joins with a group of other players to fight a bigger enemy, upgradable features for a few aspects of the game, different classes, it’s beautiful graphics and so much more. It was played live on the PlayStation 4.

We have the 12 minute video just below so go ahead and watch that to really get the whole picture of what this game is going to be like and just how incredible it is. Don’t forget to hit up our comments section and let us know all about what you think.

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