Table top Anime RPG gets funded over 630% on Kickstarter

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Graphic designer Clay Gardner launched a Kickstarter on May the 8th for his newest role playing game, six days have passed and the project already has over $48,000 pledged to it.

OVA: The Anime Role Playing Game’s Kickstarter page describes the game as a tabletop RPG that was “lovingly crafted to capture the diverse worlds of Japanese animation.” Originally created in 2005 the game was met with praise; however Gardner wanted to re-create the game entirely, he has spent years taking out unnecessary items and adding new features to make the game more exciting.

OVAs character creation is one of the main features pushed for the game, the rules are said to be simple to understand and can be tailored to the character concept you had in mind.

Pledges start at $1 which gets you digital wallpapers and avatars of OVA, all pledges over $30 will get a PDF version and a hardcover full color copy of the actual game. People who contribute $125 will be giving the physical and digital versions of the game as well as 3 player books, dice and a dice pouch.

The initial goal for the project was $7,500 and has 34 more days to go before it closes. OVA currently have 956 backers, click here to check out the Kickstater page.

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