New Wii U Gamepad battery only for Japanese market

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All gamers have been through the frustration of running out of battery power mid-game, generally occurring at the most important and hardest part of a level, furthest from any known save and checkpoints. Nintendo’s Wii U Controller Pad is no exception, being heavily criticized for its feeble average charge time of 4 hours. Luckily, Nintendo of Japan has announced a new battery pack, 2550mAh in power, which is capable of extending the Gamepads capacity to 8 hours of play.


The new battery is the same size as the original and will require a manual install by the owner. This can all be done with a standard Philips head screwdriver. No news has currently been released suggesting whether the new battery will be released into other markets, or whether the Japanese battery is even compatible with US and EUR consoles. All this makes one wonder why they didn’t just use a more powerful battery to begin with, rather than charge us later for what seems to be their mistake.


For those wanting to really juice up their Wii U Gamepads, the guys over at Nyko already have you covered, with the 4000mAh PowerPak, which they claim will double the standard battery life.

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