New Club Nintendo Reward Emerges for a Limited Time

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As many of you know, we consistently bring updates on all of the Club Nintendo goodies as they emerge. This week is no different, but comes with the first new physical piece of merch to hit the service in months. What you see above is the Super Mario Accessory Box, featured with a bright green design with a dashing Koopa leading a variety of other famed faces.

You can get this prize now for just 700 coins if you live in the U.S., but keep in mind that this product is limited, so you might want to act fast. I have some old Nintendo Wii Remotes lying around that need a space of their own, so I personally think some of my coins just got spent. Remember, the digital rewards will indeed be updating on June 3rd, so stay tuned for that as once they are revealed, we will be sure to bring even more updates.

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