Iron Man 3 Comes to Marvel: Avengers Alliance

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Getting ready to watch Iron Man 3 like the rest of the world? Well, you should also get invest in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, which is a browser based romp set in the Marvel Universe – as big updates are dropping. Newly added is the Special Operation chapter, bringing a storyline, villains, heroes and magnificent suits of armour inspired by Marvel’s Iron Man 3, in cinemas now, and the fan-favourite “Extremis” comic book story arc.

Here are some more details of what to expect:

Along with the super-powered Eric Savin from Iron Man 3, players will confront comic-inspired Iron Man villains like Titanium Man and Blizzard. By completing this Iron Man 3 tie-in Spec Op, fans will also have a chance to play as Pepper Potts in her Rescue armour, straight out of the pages of THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN comic book series.

In addition to the Spec Op, players will be able to purchase the Mark 42 armour for Iron Man and the Iron Patriot armour for War Machine, both of which are featured in Marvel’s Iron Man 3.

Sounds great for you Iron Man fans out there. You can check out some of the new art for these said heroes and villains down below.

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