Hopelab taking the fight to cancer with Re-mission 2

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A truly creative and inspiring project continues with Hopelab Re-mission 2, based on recent scientific studies that show how specifically designed games can improve cancer treatment adherence and reflects positively in the behavior of patients suffering from the disease. Using the results taken from the research conducted with the original Re-mission software the team at Hopelab have been able to better understand patients needs psychologically and biologically and been able to tweak the software to better appeal to their target audience which is young adults and adolescents.


Re-mission 2 places the player inside the body and arms them with an arsenal of weapons such as chemotherapy, antibiotics as well as natural defenses to fight off the cancer cells invading the body. All of the games can be played via PC for FREE online at re-mission2.org and represent real life strategies used to beat cancer. Hopelab, which was founded in 2001 by Pam Omidyar has worked closely with hospitals and clinics in order to make Re-mission 2 free of charge to young cancer patients. The company is devoted to using the power of technology and working close to medical professionals in order to improve the well being and lives of kids.


All the research points towards a better standard of living for patients involved in the study, and assists them with awareness surrounding the disease as well as giving them a sense of power over it within the game. For more information about the study please visit www.re-mission2.org


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