DotEmu Holds Up to 80% Off Mac Games Sale in Honor of Raiden Legacy Release

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Raiden Legacy (reviewed HERE) has finally made the jump to Mac App Store a few days ago, so publisher DotEmu couldn’t think of a better way to mark the event than the biggest sale they’ve ever held. With prices up to 80% off, fans of classic and retro games should be able to find something that they’d like for a low price. The full deals and details can be found below:

  • Irem Arcade Hits at 80% off for $1.99 (1.79€) HERE – Packed with 18 total games, this bundle includes such big hits as Kung Fu Master and R Type Leo.
  • Raptor Call of the Shadow at 80% off for $0.99 (0.89€) HERE – A 2D shmup from the 90’s, destroy enemies to upgrade and improve your ships weapons.
  • Nicky Boom at 75% off for $0.99 (0.89€) HERE – Help guide Nicky past traps and monsters to save his grandfather from the witch Zoldrane.
  • Nicky Boom 2 at 75% off for $0.99 (0.89€) HERE – Sequel to the original Nicky Boom, with new weapons to help him fight monsters, in an adventure to find who’s blocked the caves of his hometown.
  • Krypton Egg at 75% off for $0.99 (0.89€) HERE – Not just an ordinary breakout style game, but called one of the best. Smash blocks and collect bonus powers to clear the levels.
  • Raiden Legacy at 10% off for $8.99 (7.99€) HERE – Finally having come to the Mac App Store, Mac gamers can enjoy the 4 classic Raiden games with new features and remastered soundtrack.
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