AIGRIND Announces New Warspear Online 3.5 Build

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Warspear Online, the free to play MMORPG brought to us by Russian developers AIGRIND, is to undergo a substantial update soon. The upcoming 3.5 build includes (but is not limited to) a new Guilds feature, which enables players to found and join guilds, partake in co-operative raids on enemies, chat with other clan members and fight opposing clans for supremacy.

The current Warspear 3.0 build boasts support for multiple platforms , such as iOS and Android, an expansive and gripping world loaded with quests, items and real time battles. With the added features of the upcoming 3.5 release, it looks as though Warspear is set to dominate an even broader area of the market. Racking up 500,000 downloads at Google Play, it has already proven very popular with  iOS, Android, PC and Windows Mobile users. PC players will need to download the client to join the fight, and Mac users can get at their version by visiting the iTunes store.

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