We have 5 copies of Injustice: Gods Among Us to give away courtesy of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

“What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? Injustice: Gods Among Us introduces a bold new franchise to the fighting game genre from NetherRealm Studios, creators of the definitive fighting game Mortal Kombat. Featuring DC Comics icons such Batman, Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, The Joker, Green Lantern, Cyborg, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Superman and Wonder Woman, the latest title from the award-winning studio presents a deep original story. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred.”

Check out the DEMO of the game here.


All you have to do to win is to simply answer the following question: If you were a Super Hero, what would your Super Power be?Leave your answer in the comment section below along with what platform of the game you would like to win (XBOX 360 or PS3).

The lucky winners will be drawn at random on April 11th, 2013. Good luck to you all!


When you enter please leave a VALID email address so we can notify you if you are the lucky winner.


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  • Leon

    My super power would be super speed. I never have enough time in a day to do everything.



  • True

    If i were a super hero, the power i would want is Invisibility, easy. thanks.

    XBOX 360

  • Cinos

    If I could pick any super power I would probably want Spiderman’s powers. If I could only pick one then I guess the Wolverive’s healing.
    Playstation 3

  • BRS

    I would want the powers to stop time
    Playstation 3 and email is ika-sora@hotmail.com

  • Jonathan Reichert

    I would want to be immortal and able to time travel
    Xbox 360

  • rxcxdietrich

    If I could have a power it’d be to duplicate things (kind of like Elliott in Harvey Birdman). I’d be able to stop world hunger, make enough homes for the homeless, clothe everyone, etc.

    Playstation 3

  • neus792

    I would like the teleportation because I like so much travel.

  • azahara

    I would have i
    nvisibility power! ( xbox360 email morenazahara85@hotmail.com)

  • placida

    I would have supervelocity power! ( xbox360 email placy85@hotmail.com)

  • Erik Jimenez

    i would pick Teleportation & Super Healing
    Email: Starkilla23@gmail.com
    Console: PS3
    Twitter: @TheCorleoneKid

  • totoguy

    Speed. I’ve always liked Flash and his various uses for super speed 🙂

  • Michael Lee

    There are some many super powers to think of that the choices are endless but if it were me who got a super power i would go with Invulnerability. It would allow me to protect others and help save people.

    Xbox 360

  • roberto castano mendez

    I wish I could fly like superman! (Xbox 360 rocm83@hotmail.com)

  • Matt Moorer

    I would choose the power of Instant Transmission and teleport wherever I wanted to go. blackdiamond92182@hotmail.com & Xbox 360

  • Dishinshoryuken

    Give me the ability to smart phase. This involves not just falling through the earth with no control. That would be a very cool power to then develop a fighting technique around.

    • Dishinshoryuken

      And IF I do win: Xbox 360 me, please.

  • o kiraan

    I’d pick invulnerability or super healing because I’d be able to repeatedly give assistance to others in dangerous situations. If I win I’d like the 360 version. Thanks!

  • amopu

    If I could have a superpower I choice inmortalityÇ (xbox360 amopu1979@hotmail.es)

  • Jack

    My superpower will be ShapeShifting. Transform into a sexy girl and backstab from behind.


  • Adam291290

    I would have the power of prediction. Namely because regardless of whether I’m super or not my parents are still going to make me go to school, and gosh darn it those tests are not going to correctly answer themselves…

  • GotHams?

    I’m a PS3 gamer and, if I had to choose only one superpower to possess, it would would definitely be the power to influence the minds of Capsule Computers’ writing staff.

    Only the most attractive of Internet writers could be made into the well-rounded and effective team of world-class assassins I envision. I don’t settle for second best if I only get to choose one hypothetical superpower.

  • snoop doggy dizzle

    i’d have freeze as my super power for the sole purpose of keeping my beer cold…because there’s nothing worst than a warm beer…nothing worst.

  • holditbythetip

    My superpower? To be able to enter and control technology, even superman would be lost without his iphone…

  • holditbythetip

    xbox sorry!!!

  • Superpower: I would choose the super-humanity of Luke Cage (Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and healing).

    System: PS3
    E-mail: keithasante@gmail.com

  • Stuart

    My power would be to able to take over other super heroes and control their actions as if they were my own – so I could have all of the fun and none of the responsibility!

  • Kat

    Telekinesis. No body suspects Matilda, you’d be safe from all the super villains.

  • Daniel

    If I had a superpower, it would be Clairvoyance (The ability to see the future). I would be able to win the lottery multiple times, and make decisions that would be morally beneficial for the good of mankind. Also, I could help others with my gift. If I win, I would like the PS3 version. My email is: punisher-2099@hotmail.com.

  • Branden Maynes

    Telepathy. Why be invisible when you can just make everything think they haven’t seen you…or think you’re supposed to be there?

    360 version for me.

  • superboy

    If I could have a power I Would have time travel to travel to the future at least 30 years and play with new playstation 15 :p (xbox360 amolina.ceb@gencat.cat)

  • Contratulations to the following 5 winners of the Injustice Competition :

    Mick G – XBOX

    Justin – PS3

    Rheece – PS3

    superman_is_god – XBOX

    GotHams? – PS3

    We will be in contact with the lucky winners via email shortly!

    • spog777

      Email received and replied too – thx heaps CC

  • LSMonWin

    If i could pick any super power at all, it’d probably be a hybrid of assimilation and absorption. Why choose this? Most probably because it’d be the most over powered combination ever! 😀

    So here’s how the power works: You find someone with another power, or an awesome object, and you’re able to mimic it with your body or if you can’t mimic it, assimilate it! So if you encounter the Flash and you manage to touch him, you’d get his super speed… forever! Then you can use his speed to sneak up on the Green Lantern, touch his ring and assimilate it giving you green lantern powers. Then you use both of those powers to touch Superman and get all his abilities! That would be totally awesome, having all the super powers at your disposal at anytime! World Domination would be so easy! But… Since we’re doing “Super Heroes”, I guess I could settle for decimating all villains 😀

    Well, apart from the super power, theres always the absorption of objects! I could always absorb a portal gun to mess with Batman… Shoot blue portal as Batman lands after a jump/swing and position the orange portal in Wonder Woman’s apartment, that’ll make some good stories for them, heheh…

    Just think of the possibilities with this power! I’d be able to cross worlds and universes if I found someone with that ability! Like… Access from DC Versus Marvel (1996 comic)! Then I’d be able to use his inter-dimensional abilities to travel across to the Marvel or DC universe. Then afterwards I can leapfrog to the Transformers universe through the New Avengers/Transformers arcs, and then from there to Ghostbusters/Star Trek/G.I. Joe through the Transformers period in IDW’s Infestation. Once I’m at that point, absolutely anything can happen, and I’m only limited by my imagination! Since most Super Hero universes are linked up with one another, and other universes seem to cross paths with them (Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Evil Dead, The Darkness, and much much more), I could in essence take the very best powers and participate in the biggest adventures and events ever, never making it a dull moment in my life.

    The only drawback now is that I absorb some useless superpower… like.. The Blob… or Jubilee from the X-Men… Those powers are only good when you don’t have any fireworks or are about to go in for an all you can eat buffet. So I guess I’d need some sort of specific power purging skill or ability to go with the super power. Well… now that I think about it, another drawback would be the fact that some assimilated/absorbed abilities or objects cancel each other out like Superman’s powers and kryptonite… I’ll need to find a toggle switch or someway to weave them together so that they don’t create some sort of explosion that could kill me or create an effect similar to dividing by zero.

    Xbox 360 please! 😀

    Email: lsmonwin (at) gmail.com

    Twitter: lsmonwin

  • Enhanced healing ability, senses, and physical attributes like Wolverine would be pretty good to have. Doesn’t draw attention to you unless you get into a major accident and people witness you healing. I could do without the bone claws, though. ¬_¬

    Xbox 360 – neohumanity at gmail

  • Something smells here

    Wow anybody read some of the winners posts…I smell a rigging here,Saw a lot of good answers and one winner just copied somebody else yet won. 🙁 Last time I visit here had high hopes and congrats to everybody

  • Big Dave

    Definitely something involving Sorcery (along the lines of Marvel’s Dr Strange), because:
    A) He can bend matter and aetheral energies to shield the world, destroy/create solar systems, teleport, fly, resurrect people, and just generally be a badass.
    B) It’s obviously not that time consuming because he has time to be a Neurosurgeon on the side! Plus the whole bringing dead people to life would do wonders on the operating table…

  • My power would be the ability to fly. So traditional but it would be amazing. PS3

  • Daniel Nguyen

    My preferred superpower would be time travel/manipulation. I would want to travel in the future to find out the upcoming events, visit the past and correct my mistakes. I would want to make the progress of my life perfect. I would like PS3 version, please!

  • Siang Lim

    A super bladder for those super long gaming sessions.

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