Stinky Footboard Starts Kickstarter Campaign

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The Stinky footboard is a controller which is controlled by the feet. The innovative pedal controller goes live today on Kickstarter with a goal of $75,000.

As it says on the Kickstarter page

Our innovative technology allows for lightning-quick action with precise control all the while keeping your foot resting on the footboard in a relaxed, natural position. This means more functionality; improved gameplay, enhanced performance; and increased actions per minute (APM), all while keeping control and your fingers on the action.

Benefits of the Stinkyboard controller include:

  • Allows simultaneous actions such as in FPS games players can strafe, change guns and throw a grenade without taking their fingers off the AWSD keys
  • Increases actions per minute (APMs) for RTS gamers
  • Makes it easier to access additional key bindings for MMO players
  • Shaves precious seconds off for eSports players
  • Simplifies controls for beginners

The Stinky footboard offers plenty of customization for gamers and could indeed be used for many games. For example, an alternative pedal mechanism in racing games, or to assign kick combos in fighting games or action games. All in all, quite useful!

Pre-orders for the Footboard can be placed via their Kickstarter page. The controller will be available for sale in June for $119.

The Video can be seen below.

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