Sacred Citadel Final Character Revealed

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Sacred Citadel, the upcoming side-scrolling brawler published by Deep Silver, had their final character revealed today. That character is the Seraphim Mage.

The Seraphim represents the game’s Mage class, specializing in offensive magic. She will spend most of her time int he background conjuring devastating elemental spells to overpower your enemies! Using her spell book and wand, she can also conjure combo attacks using fire and ice.

The Seraphim were regarded as elite warriors and guardians of the gods, but after peace was restored to the land they returned to their cloisters and isolation. They now emerge once more to defend the world.

Be sure to check out the reveal trailer for the Seraphim below. Sacred Citadel will be released on April 17 as a digital download for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and via Steam for PC.

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