Killer is Dead’s latest screens show off Katana Arts and Gigolo Mode

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Today XSEED Games released a large collection of new screenshots for their upcoming release of Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest game, Killer is Dead. In these screenshots we see not only the game’s main character, Mondo Zappa, fighting against a power hungry villain seeking to “cleanse” the world named Victor and using off a number of his abilities which are being called “Katana Arts” but also some screens from the game’s side mode which is called “Gigolo Mode.”

This Gigolo Mode will involve Mondo traveling around the globe and meeting “exotic women” in what is being described as a romantic aspect of the game. Of course, how this Gigolo Mode will play into the full game has yet to be revealed. Anyways, check out the images below and keep an eye out for Killer is Dead this summer on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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