Disney Mobile Games Releases Mittens for iOS

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Disney Mobile Games’ newest game brings physics-based puzzles with a feline twist – and no, I don’t mean it coughs up a hairball and lurks around your apartment.  Mittens is a new release and the first collaboration between Disney Mobile Games and MetroGames.

In Mittens, you’ll help a stray alleycat win the heart of the beautiful Mia.  Help him solve physics-based puzzles as he romps across rooftops to collect milk for Mia, all while dodging obstacles and collecting diamonds.

Features of Mittens include:

  • 75+ stimulating physics-based puzzles
  • Travel through 3 level packs including Milktown, Balloonland and Mouse Cave
  • All-new game mechanics like bouncing on phone lines and antennae slingshots
  • Cutting through obstacles with the swipe of a finger
  • Achievement system collecting up to three diamonds in each level
  • Loyal friends like birds and circus monkeys to rescue players
  • Obstacles like angry chefs and mean deckhands

Mittens is now available for AUD $0.99 / NZD $1.29 for iPhone and iPod touch, and AUD $2.99 / NZD $3.70 for iPad.

Check out the official launch trailer for Mittens below.

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