BattleBlock Theater Holds its Premiere Furbottom Friday

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So a few weeks ago, BattleBlock Theater was finally released and the game is looking great, especially with the ability for players to make their own levels to share with the community. In an effort to ensure that BattleBlockers are working with and playing around in the community levels, the developers at The Behemoth have started the Furbottom Friday, which will continue every week until next month.

So what does Furbottom Friday entail? While, generally this would just be an update to the Furbottom’s Features for solo, co-op, and arena, but just because The Behemoth loves you and the game’s narrator too, this first Furbottom Friday gives players the ability to unlock two special prisoners. Donuts is unlocked by completing all the levels in the solo feature, titled “Buckle Ur Pants” by user Xx Tawnia xX, while Winston, modeled after The Behemoth’s own Dan Paladin’s pet, is unlocked by completing the co-op feature, titled “Flem and Friend” by user guyinco6nito. There is a new feature for arena as well titled “CommunityBngBng” by user Shiunicornt, though no unlockable prisoner.

These two special unlockable prisoners are only available for a limited time, so players that are interested in getting them should hop onto BattleBlock Theater ASAP to make sure they don’t miss out.

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