Thanks for joining me once again for Xbox Live News with Pipper. Microsoft seems to be spouting out sales left and right. Me thinks they are up to something or else I’d be a bearded gnome! (bonus points for those who know the character reference) Let’s move on to the deals, so you can stop bother’n me!

Deals of the Week

Name Discount Dates Price
Transformers (Activision) Mar 27 – Apr 1
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Varies by Region
Transformers: FoC Dinobot Destructor Pack 400 (50% off)
Transformers: FoC Multiplayer Havoc Pack 400 (50% off)
Transformers: FoC Massive Fury Pack 400 (50% off)
Transformers: FoC G1 Retro Optimus Prime 160 (50% off)
Transformers: War for Cybertron Varies by Region
Transformers: WfC Map and Character Pack #1 200 (50% off)
Transformers: WfC Map and Character Pack #2 200 (50% off)
Quarrel (Ignition) Apr 3 – Apr 8 200 (50% off)
Mercury (Ignition) 200 (50% off)
Swarm (Ignition) 200 (50% off)
Pool Nation (Mastertronic) 400 (50% off)
Axel & Pixel (2K) 400 (50% off)
Retro City Rampage (D3) 600 (50% off)
Puzzle Arcade (Square Enix) 400 (50% off)
Winterbottom (2K) 400 (50% off)

New Releases

Battle Block Theater is the next best thing to Castle Crashers. Now you have to smash your way around in a theater to please overruling cats! It’s worth a look.

Name Release Date Microsoft Points
Terraria (505) 28-Mar 1200
Battle Block Theater (Microsoft Studios) 4-Apr 1200
Double Dragon II (Cyberfront) 6-Apr 1200
(Games Add-Ons)
Battlefield 3 End Game (Electronic Arts) 27-Mar 1200
Bioshock Infinite Season Pass (2K) 27-Mar 1600
Tiger Woods PGA 14 Various DLC (Electronic Arts) 27-Mar 400-3200
(Games on Demand)
Assassin’s Creed III (Ubisoft) 27-Mar
Hulk Hogan’s Main Event (Majesco) 27-Mar
Summer Stars (Deep Silver) 27-Mar
MLB 2K12 (2K) 27-Mar
WWE 13 (2K) 3-Apr
Top Hand Rodeo Tour Kinect (D3) 3-Apr
Jeopardy! (2K) 3-Apr

And that’s not all from Microsoft this week. Right up until April 1 they will be having their Spring Sale with discounts up to 50% off. Go ahead and click (here) to check out the deals. Surely Microsoft is trying to make up for their lacking deals because they will be hosting a Microsoft Studios Sale from April 3 to April 8. I have my eyes on you Microsoft! *pointing finger menacingly*

That about does it for this round of Xbox Live News with Pipper. Just remember the next time you get frustrated with a game publisher to “Play Hard or Don’t Play At All!”

Love video games enough to go to school for it!

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