Vividred Operation’s mayo related PS3 trophies leaked

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Today the trophies for Namco Bandai’s upcoming video game adaptation to the Vividred Operation anime have been leaked onto the internet and it appears that it may just be a simple game that is bundled with a special edition of the anime in the end or at least a digital download, if the Trophy amount is anything to go by.

The trophies are at least very focused on the anime itself and it seems whoever named them knows just what the protagonist of the anime loves, mayonnaise. As you can see on the list, there are trophies related to beating the game on various difficulties such as Vivid Easy for “Regular Mayo” and Vivid Hard for “Wasabi Mayo” and more.

Update: Turns out there is a good reason they are all Mayonnaise related achievements. These Trophies are actually for a mini-game spin-off that was recently released on the Japanese PSN called Vividred Operation: Akane to Mayo to Operation.

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