Toonami’s Evangelion 1.11 Airing Brings in Nearly a Million Viewers

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Last week, on the 17th of March, Toonami returned in epic style by airing the ‘Evangelion 1.11’ movie and, let me tell you, they really couldn’t have celebrated their return with a better movie choice. Even at its time slot of 1 am, the ‘Rebuild’ movie still did extremely well bringing in about 40,000 short of a million views.

The anime that came before it in the lineup had over 200,000 more viewers than Evangelion, but obviously because they were on at an earlier time. Bleach, which aired at 12 am, reached 1,197,000 and Naruto, which aired at 12:30 am, reached 1,196,00. Overall the entire line-up did well. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more Toonami. We all missed you the first time so don’t leave us again!

A tumblr question to Toonami about its satisfaction with how the airing went was answered with a spokesman from Toonami saying; “We were. It was a solid showing that gives us something to build off of as we think about our next movie night…”

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