Fish Out of Water! Announced

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Halfbrick unveiled their newest game today. Fish Out of Water! is a one touch game where players will need to skip their fish across the water like pebbles and attempt to send their fish the furthest distance with the most style. Players will have three throws to make the best distance and will have to choose the best fish out of an adorable cast of characters to beat the high scores. The scores are ranked on distance, skips, and other factors.

“We’re always pumped to get new games into the hands of our fans,” said Luke Muscat of Halfbrick. “Fish Out Of Water has been an amazing ride so far, keeping the simplicity of Halfbrick games intact but introducing a vibrant personality through all of our fishy characters. It’s a complete package and we’re almost ready to roll!”

Fish Out of Water! will be released soon on iTunes for $0.99.


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