Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods – The 3 Billion Yen Saiyan

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Dragonball-Z-Battle-of-Gods-KFC-01It seems that Dragonball Z fans aren’t the only ones excited for the theatrical release of the newest film Battle of Gods. Being the first Dragonball Z movie in over 17 years, the film has Toei hopeful that they can earn 3 billion yen (roughly $30.2 Australian) over the course of the theatrical release. The film has a large backing from a number of companies who are supporting it through promotional tie-ins and products, such as KFC’s range of Dragonball themed food, in order to gain further attention. Pre-sale tickets also grant Japanese fans a QR code, which allows them to face the God of Destruction himself in the 3DS game Dragonball Heroes: Ultimate mission.

The film itself was completed on February 18th and received positive reviews from those allowed to view it. Battle of Gods will be released on March 30th in Japan and its theatrical release is planned to run for 6 weeks. Previous anime film, One Piece Z, broke amassed earnings of 3.1 billion yen in a matter of ten days, furthering hope that over six weeks Dragonball Z can do the same.

Check out the new HD combat trailer below to get a glimpse 3 billion yen saiyan in action!

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