Cling! Brings Physics and Tentacles to iOS

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A game based on toys may not sound unique but the interesting thing about ‘Cling!’ is that it’s based on the mechanics of a toy. After watching those sticky plastic toys that would climb down your wall, the developers at First5 Games knew how they wanted their game to feel.

So how does it work, surely we’re not flinging Gack-like blobs onto stuff and giggling as it clumsily falls into a pile of laundry? ‘Cling!’ is being referred to as a pegformer; as you navigate the world your character inhabits by grabbing onto pegs (geddit?). The usual platformer trappings such as spikes, electricity and giant falls threaten your existence. You are one of this lint magnet toys striving to find your owner in a dangerous world.

‘Cling!’ is available on iTunes here for a measly $2.99

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