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Bundle in a Box is back with their latest pay what you want indie bundle. The Cerebral Bundle celebrates clever and unique games. All buyers will receive interactive fiction Necrotic Drift Deluxe, puzzler Dedale De Luxe, retro RPG Phantasmaburbia, artful storytelling game Dinner Date, and puzzler Vampires!. Those who beat the average will receive sci-fi epic J.U.L.I.A., dystopian point and click adventure game Reversion – The Meeting, point and click thriller Cognition, Episode 1: The Hangman, and call centre adventure game I Get This Call Every Day. The very same call centre simulator that resulted in indie developer David Gallant fired from his day job. Check out our review of Cognition, Episode 1: The Hangman here.

All games included in the bundle are available for Mac, Linux and Windows. The Cerebral Bundle is once again in support of The Indie Dev Grant and The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family. Buy your bundle here.

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