The Lethal Weapons of Crysis 3

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When you’re taking on a combined enemy force of alien Ceph and human CELL forces, you’ll undoubtedly need some heavy armaments to get you through the fight. Welcome then Crysis 3’s epic repertoire of guns, gadgets and explosives, all here to satisfy your destructive needs. There’s the upgraded SCAR Assault Rifle, the signature Predator Bow featuring some sweet electrically charged arrows (one of many arrow types), the devastating Typhoon, burning Incinerator and many, many more. Players will be spoilt for choice in this latest sequel to the Crysis franchise.

Crysis 3 is arriving on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC; with releases on February 19th for North America, 21st for Australia, 22nd for Europe and finally on March 7th for Japan. Check out the weapons, some awesome combat and a bit more of Prophet’s monologue in the trailer below.

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