Himalaya Studios Brings Mage’s Initiation to Kickstarter

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Himalaya Studio, the team formerly known as Anonymous Game Developers that was behind the King’s Quest and Quest for Glory remakes, has brought their latest project to Kickstarter. Mage’s Initiation is a old school adventure game with an RPG twist. Players will guide D’arc through his journey to become a Mage of Iginor by helping D’arc solve puzzles and customizing D’arc’s stats, gear, and skills. The game features two interfaces, allowing players to choose between the Sierra Icon Bar or the LucasArts Verb Coin.

Mage’s Initiation has been completely self-funded up to this point, but now needs assistance to hire voice actors, a marketing/PR team, and add final polish to the game. Help Kickstart the game here or vote for Mage’s Initiation on Steam Greenlight here.

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