Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires pre-order bonuses detailed for the UK

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Today Tecmo Koei Europe detailed the pre-order bonuses for Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires which will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on February 22nd. Those who pick up the game in the UK will be able to pre-order the title from GAME and receive DLC that includes outfits for Diao Chan, Zhao Yun and the Nobunyaga costume which is the feline version of Samurai Warrior’s main-stay Nobunaga Oda.

It is also worth noting that with the newly improved Edit Mode so you will be able to still create a warrior of you’re choice if you don’t feel like playing as one of the famous legends from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In case you’re curious about what the pre-order bonuses look like, you can check ’em out in the gallery below.

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  • yeah thanks alot for not making this for Xbox. I was a big fan of the series on Xbox only to be screwed big time. I bought all of the empire series on 360 since they first went multiplatform only for you to just stop making them for Xbox and without any explanation. Of all the ones created this one definitely should have been multiplatform. If you’re reading this please find it in your hearts to reconsider making this a Xbox 360 game as well. I don’t care how online or in stores just please find a way. Thanks for your possible consideration.

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