Anarchy Reigns Now Up on the Playstation Network

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Crazy brawler Anarchy Reigns is now available for download from the Playstation Network. Up for $29.99 AUD online, this epic fighter pits players and NPCs from various games and factions against one another in insane game modes where they must perform extravagant and bloody finishers to dominate their opponents. Platinum Games and Sega have worked together to deliver an epic sequel for their original game MadWorld, which released exclusively on the Nintendo Wii.

With the ability to choose from a 16 character roster and play both an extravagant single player and fun multiplayer mode the game has a fairly large amount of replay value to add to the package. Anarchy Reigns is up now on the Playstation Network for only $29.99 which in itself is a pretty sweet deal. We thought Anarchy Reigns was a great game and you can check out our review of the title over here.


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