Project X Zone to be released in North America and Europe

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This is certainly a very pleasent surprise on a Monday morning. Today, Namco Bandai has announced that Project X Zone, a title that many thought would never head West due to the massive amount of licensed characters in the game, will indeed be released in North America, Europe and Australia sometime in Summer 2013.

Project X Zone features over 50 different Namco, Capcom and Sega fighters from 29 different franchises all combined into an RPG which was developed by the makers of Xenoblade, Monolith Soft. Players will use these characters in a team of two fighters in a “pair unit” while a “solo unit” can be added into battle to help assist these two fighters.

Namco Bandai handled the publishing of the Nintendo 3DS exclusive in Japan and they will be doing the same in the West. To go along with this announcement, the company also released a number of Japanese screenshots which can be seen below.

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  • NAMCOcrushesCAPCOM

    Now all we need is a namco x capcom port.
    Come on monolith give us it.

    • yeah that would certainly be VERY cool~ MA

      • NAMCOcrushesCAPCOM

        have you played it my good sir?

        • If you are referring to Project x Zone, then Yes certainly have .. I got the game a week after it was released ~MA

          • NAMCOcrushesCAPCOM

            No sorry i meant Namco X Capcom It has more characters in it I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to play Project X Zone.

          • oh no never played that one … but yes u will enjoy project X Zone for sure 😉 ~MA

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