“Massive Co-op” Trailer for Defiance Revealed

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Trion Worlds, the developers behind the Defiance MMO coming out in April, have released a trailer for the game showing off its massive cooperative play. While the video starts off nice and small with only four player characters shown, it quickly ramps up to a whole screen’s worth.

One half of a first-time ever combination show and game that will release and evolve together, the Defiance MMO focuses on the Arkfall events that occur occasionally within the world and requires players to band together to fend off the multitudes of enemies that inhabit the San Francisco Bay Area that has been terraformed for the people to survive there.

How will the show work out? Only time will tell with the premiere in April, but players can get a first look at the game by checking out the beta event coming January 18th-20th for PC. Interested players can check out the website HERE after watching the “Massive Co-op” trailer embedded below.

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