Posted by Travis Bruno on Jan 10, 2013

Legendary Pokemon names revealed for Pokemon X and Y


We’ve seen what the legendary Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y will be, however despite seeing them in the debut trailer, their names were never given. That changed today when it was revealed that the Legendary Pokemon shown above is called Xerneas, which is pronounced ZURR-nee-us according to the statement.


As for the other Pokemon found right above here, it is called Yveltal, which should be pronounced as ee-VELL-tawl. Currently it hasn’t been announced which legendary will be in which game, though obviously they will either be assigned by their initial, or flipped to throw fans for a loop. Pokemon X and Y are currently set to be released worldwide sometime in October 2013.

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  • FireDragon_1321

    Xerneas sounds like the name of an Organization XIII Sue. Or Xemnas…

    …I’m probably still going to get its game and name it Xemnas, Superior of the In Between. Xemnas for short. Because I just can. :3