IndieGala Magicka Bundle Released

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IndieGala has announced their newest bundle today, teaming up with Arrowhead Game Studios and Paradox Interactive to headline the IndieGala Magicka. The bundle is a pay what you want for Soviet era FPS You Are Empty and puzzle platformer Trine. Those who beat the average also get a copy of public transit sim Cities in Motion, adventure game Deponia, Doom styled throwback FPS Painkiller: Black Edition, and of course, Magicka. There are three additional bonuses for all those who beat the average, the first one has been announced as Magicka expansion pack Magicka Vietnam. The whole bundle is redeemable on Steam.

The Magicka bundle is in support of Able Gamers, a charity that helps disabled gamers play video games, and the Gala Project X that supports a new indie game entirely funded by Indie Gala donations. Pick up your IndieGala Magicka bundle here.

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