Lost Treasures of Infocom Released

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Activision has the cure for those looking for a blast from the past this Christmas. The Lost Treasures of Infocom has been released to iTunes and features 27 classic interactive fiction. The interface has been optimized for touch screens but the games have been recreated to remain faithful to the original.

Zork I: The Great Underground Empire is included for free. The rest of the games can be purchased in five game bundles for $2.99 each or all the games plus maps and an exclusive bonus adventure can be bought $9.99. Download the game for free here. Check out the full list of games available below.

·         A Mind Forever Voyaging
·         Ballyhoo
·         Border Zone
·         Cutthroats
·         Deadline
·         Enchanter
·         Hollywood Hijinx
·         Infidel
·         Leather Goddess of Phobos™
·         The Lurking Horror
·         Moonmist
·         Planetfall®
·         Plundered Hearts
·         Seastalker
·         Sorcerer
·         Spellbreaker
·         Starcross
·         Stationfall
·         Suspect
·         Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare
·         The Witness
·         Trinity
·         Wishbringer
·         Zork 1: The Great Underground Empire (FREE with free initial download)
·         Zork 2 : The Wizard of Frobozz
·         Zork 3 : The Dungeon Master
·         Zork: The Undiscovered Underground (exclusive, never-published bonus adventure as a special bonus)

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