Hit the Slopes with the newly free Snowboard Hero

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Christmas comes early this year for iOS sports fans as the critically acclaimed mobile game Snowboard Hero is now available absolutely free.  The game has an deep career mode tasking players with 66 challenges scattered across 8 different tracks.  The game is controlled using the various motion and touch features of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to maneuver the games perilous courses and pull off stunts that are the staple of snowboarding.  With six characters to choose from you can expect variety as each one has unique boards, special moves, skills, and outfits to make each run different.

As the player rips through each wintry track they collect bonus points based on how fast they go down the course as well as the intensity of the stunts landed.  These points can be traded at the end of races for new tricks as well as power-ups and new boards.  Speed is the key in the game’s “Record Chaser” mode as players compete with opponents around the world on the Game Center to see who can top the online leaderboards.   As a bonus cherry on the snowboarding sundae, the game can be enjoyed in 720p via WiFi or can be connected with HDMI for the full HD experience and features iPhone 5 support. Pick up here for FREE from the iTunes store.

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