BIT.TRIP SAGA journeys its way to the Nintendo eShop

Action News Aksys Games 3DS


Aksys Games have just announce that the compilation of the original BIT.TRIP series for the Nintendo 3DS, BIT.TRIP SAGA, will be available for digital download on the Nintendo eShop starting December 20th, 2012.  Each game has been masterfully recreated in 3D specifically for the Nintendo 3DS. BIT.TRIP SAGA is certainly a must own for new adventurers in the BIT.TRIP series or fans of the original WiiWare titles. BIT.TRIP SAGA will be priced at $14.99!

BIT.TRIP SAGA includes the following six WiiWare titles, remastered in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS:

  • ·      BIT.TRIP BEAT
  • ·      BIT.TRIP CORE
  • ·      BIT.TRIP VOID
  • ·      BIT.TRIP RUNNER
  • ·      BIT.TRIP FATE
  • ·      BIT.TRIP FLUX

More information about Aksys Games and the BIT.TRIP series can be found at and Check out our review for BIT.TRIP Complete here.

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