The hilarious Black Ops 2 bonus ending rocks

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The special bonus ending for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has surfaced online and I must say it is quite hilarious, unintentionally of course. Now before I go on you all must know that there will be spoilers past this point. You’ve been warned.

Anyways the bonus ending features several characters from the game randomly joining Avenged Sevenfold on-stage for a concert performance of the song Carry On in what appears to be a low-end strip club. It is very bizarre and camp ending sequence that must be seen to be believed.

Check out the bonus ending below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section. Avenged Sevenfold puns are welcome.

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  • J

    this shit was NOT funny. It was stupid and doesn’t make ANY sense. Avenge Sevenfold? Really? weren’t they popular for 30 sec in 2006??? This ending was STUPID

  • juan

    Well thats fucking stupid…

  • Jahanzeb

    Loving your COD coverage, Luke

  • I actually enjoyed it, gave us some comic relief (if you got the bad ending) and a kick ass song. Pretty funny seeing all of the main characters dancing, especially Harper. It’s not meant to be relevant to the story, I’m pretty sure Treyarch can do whatever the hell they want for bringing us a kick-ass game.

  • TheRain

    I bet the voice actors had a fun time with this one

  • Buco

    I hated it. There is a story that you try to take seriously (in some extent). Just think about a similar ending for a Bond movie or a Mission Impossible… Seeing Menendez – the most feared terrorist ever – bullied?? Just a minute after seeing him setting himself on fire!!

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