Naruto joins Toonami’s line-up in December

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Yesterday Jason DeMarco, VP of strategic marketing and promotions for Adult Swim revealed over Twitter that Naruto would be joining Toonami once again. Past fans will note that Naruto was still part of Toonami’s schedule back in 2008 when the programming block was discontinued.. However things will be a little different this time around as Naruto will be shown without any cuts which means it will contain all of the blood that the DVD versions of the show had.

Naruto will begin airing on Saturday December 1st at 11:30 PM CST. It is worth noting that Naruto Shippūden, the follow-up to the original Naruto series, is currently licensed by Disney so fans of Toonami should not expect those episodes any time soon.

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  • HollowFied Ichigo

    One Piece fans are jealous

    • One Piece sucks in English anyways. Oh wait, same with Naruto. BELIEVE IT!

      • Actually Naruto has a fantastic dub. Dont have to believe since its a fact.

      • have you not seen the excellent Funimation dub?

    • MonkeyDLuffy1

      One Piece fans aren’t jealous 1 most selling manga of the year narutards are jealous. Besides one piece will be on toonami too and have way more ratings then naruto and bleach combined you fag.

      • Gohan

        Yea most selling manga in Japan. All the more its anime is shit and not worth the watch. The manga is better then the anime and most people hate the anime. Naruto on the other hand is so much more famous and racks more then one piece that it is funny.

  • Mattman1156

    Faith in Toonami = lost

    • mattman browses /a/

      Your butt hurt, I can smell it.

    • Id rather Naruto then a crap anime. Seeing as adult swim had that for the longest time and now are listening to fans now that there back

  • Gohan

    Great anime. Dub is great. 12.30am! I’m there.

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