XCOM turned into a 3rd person shooter?

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While many people are highly anticipating next week’s release of 2K Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there are a few of you who may remember that 2K Games had another XCOM game in development. In fact, 2K Marin’s first person shooter version of XCOM has been completely quiet ever since it was shown off at E3 during 2011.

However it seems that things may have taken a drastic change from what we were shown and previewed at the time if these latest rumors are to be believed. A Kotaku reader has sent in screenshots and information from a marketing survey that show that XCOM has changed into a 3rd person shooter. It also seems that the game may simply be released as a digital title rather than a full retail game because the survey also asks if consumers would simply prefer a cheaper download. 2K Games has currently not made a statement about these rumors.

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