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We have  2 copies of NAUGHTY BEAR: Panic in Paradise to give away courtesy of 505 Games (1 x XBLA, 1 x PSN)

“Naughty Bear – Panic in Paradise is crazier, more brutal, more absurd and even naughtier than its predecessor. It pushes its own boundaries into “insanity zone”. With more places to visit, more missions to complete, a new arsenal of weapons to master and loads of treasures to collect, Panic in Paradise is a vast game to discover.”



All you have to do to win is to simply answer the following question  : “How would you take out the other bears in Paradise Island?” leave the comment below and also state what version of the game you want to win (XBLA, or PSN). 

Lucky winners will be drawn at random on the October 20th, 2012. Good luck to you all!


When you enter please leave a VALID email address so we can notify you if you are one of the 2 lucky winners.


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Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • i would get some greek fire and burn them while waterboarding them!

    PSN Please

  • I would have a bbq, throw some faces on the grill and enjoy my days in paradise LOL PSN

  • I would beat them with my bear hands then pull out all their stuffing 😛 PSN

  • MisaTooR

    With any available weapon .) PSN

  • I would drown them in the water that surrounds the island. XBLA Version

  • I would chain each bear down and slowly start removing the stitching from the leg up while the rest of the tied up bears watch. All thier eye will be taped open to ensure they watch

  • Floodclaw

    I would abduct the bears one by one, meticulously framing a different person each time. But oh no, I wouldn’t kill them yet. I’d just keep them all tied up in a safe location. And then, when they’re all helpless and watching, and their cities is ashes…then they have my permission to die.
    I’d like the XBLA version, please.

  • chris

    i would make friends with them and make them kill each other. or feed them to sharks
    xbla version please.

  • Throw them to the Sand Dolphins and Bearcow’s.
    (two headed monsters)

  • Jason Ferry

    by shoving their head in a garbage disposal (if possible). PS3 version.

  • Andrew

    I would cuddle them so hard til they can’t take it no more and if that doesn’t work i’d throw them into the water cause sadly Teddy bears can’t swim. Xbox

  • fresh02_88


  • Renzo

    Kill it with fire. Always works.

  • I’d rip their heads off & wear them, commit larceny (in disguise as other bears), & let the cops run after corpses.

    I’d like either version (PS3 or XBLA). Thank you!

  • kingkilium

    With poisoned honey!

  • Decapitate each bear. Use the bodies as bait to catch fish while the heads would be used for lawn bowling and volleyball.


  • Maico

    Whoa, we need guns, more guns. Kill them with guns!
    Entering for XBLA

  • Simple! I would take them on a date. Cyanide may be involved.

  • Winston

    I’d take them out with MORE COWBELLS!

  • neversawthestars

    Strip the stuffing out of a fellow bear and proceed to wear their pelt as a coat. Follow up by smearing lipstick on yourself while “goodbye horses” play in the background.
    Email requesting psn code

  • Take them to a magnificent supersized fake beehive filled with delicious honey that upon touch, would set off an enormous amount of C4, resulting in a bloody mess.


  • Flaming arrows shot from a bow!



  • Geoff Lutes

    Two words: Ben Affleck

  • rhc2356

    Cast them in a minor role on the Walking Dead.

    In for a XBLA

  • Mikepattonfan

    I would go the old fashioned route of beating the stuffing out of them… Preferably with one of their own decapitated limbs. Get it, stuffing? *Groan*

  • jmui

    Bear traps with bait
    PSN please

  • swanton112

    shotgun of course!

  • Jennifer

    Like any Island I would create my own Bear Organ harvesting ring! I would sedate them and remove their body parts to be sold to Build a Bear workshop 🙂

    XBLA please

  • Steven Li

    Break all limbs to do water torture.
    PSN please!

  • Joshua

    I love the sadistic kill animations in Naughty Bear! Definitely eviscerating a bear with a machete or blasting them with an uzi until stuffing flies everywhere is always a great way to end the day, then there’s explosive mines, golf clubs…the list does go on, and then continues on a little further. It’s always fun when things get a little…hairy! 😉

  • Ken

    I will put them in a stuffing machine until I can see bear explosions everywhere but one of them will receive the “Reverse Beartrap” treatment.


  • Thanks to everyone that entered the Naughty Bear Competition, the following are the two winners :

    XBOX – elephantman
    PSN – readytorelease

    Congratulations, we’ll have more competitions coming out VERY Soon so stay tuned!

  • killquick

    Thanks for this great game, I really wanted this, my email is

    • Check your email! 🙂

      • killquick

        Just checked my inbox & junk mail but there was no email there

      • killquick

        I checked my inbox & junk mail but there is no email with code there. Subject: [capsulecomputers] Re: WIN – NAUGHTY BEAR: Panic in Paradise

      • killquick

        After you resent the second batch I finally got the code in the second email, thanks alot for all the trouble, just finished downloading & waiting to install now to play, thanks again for the game and all the great contests.

  • rick

    With poisoned honey jars

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