The Walking Dead Episode 4 Release Announced

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Telltale Games had some nice announcements today starting off with releasing the latest episode of Playing Dead with Episode 7 [title redacted] for the sake of spoilers, among other things.  Players interested in hearing some of the developers talk about the The Walking Dead Episode 3 can check it out here, but use caution as there is some language that makes it fairly Not Safe For Work or kids.  Check it out HERE.

But, as good as Playing Dead is, it probably isn’t the main reason you’re checking out this article as the biggest news released by Telltale Games is the release date for The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner.  When is the next action packed episode hitting the XBLA and PSN?  The game will be releasing on October 9th for $4.99 on the PSN and October 10th for 400 MS Points on the XBLA as a DLC for the original release.  So, if you’ve been dying to find out what’s coming next for Lee and the group be sure to check it out.

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