Sleeping Dogs ‘Nightmare in Northpoint’ DLC detailed and dated

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If you were hoping to get some actual storyline content for Sleeping Dogs before the end of October, then you are not only very specific about your DLC schedule but also in luck. Over the weekend Square Enix revealed at New York Comic Con that they are planning to release the first piece of storyline DLC for Sleeping Dogs on October 30th.

The DLC is called “Nightmare in Northpoint” and will add a new horror-themed game mode which appears to be similar to what was found in Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption. When a fellow gang member is tortured and killed, he comes back to life and leads an army of undead gangsters and only Wei Shen can put them back in their graves. Shen will be able to gain magical abilities such as lightning fists through items and face off against Jiang Shi, which happen to be chinese vampires. Currently no price has been announced for this content, but this DLC is certainly not what most people were expecting to say the least.

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