Ragnarok Odyssey hits stores today; launch trailer released

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Great news for Vita owners out there, a brand new action RPG is now available for your little handheld. To be a bit more specific, XSEED Games’ Ragnarok Odyssey has hit stores today and can be picked up for either a standard price of $39.99 or a special Mercenary version can be purchased for $49.99.

Ragnarok Odyssey is set within the Ragnarok Online universe which means many people who have played that game will see many familiar enemy types and even a few locations. The game itself offers over 20,000 different character combinations thanks to character customization, six different job classes to be played and four player multiplayer. To commemorate the game’s release the company has released a launch trailer and some new screenshots for the game, both of which can be seen below.

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