Of Orcs and Men Launch Trailer

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The release date for Of Orcs and Men is quickly approaching with only a few days remaining until the retail release of the game in Europe on October 11th.  In honor of this Focus Home Interactive, with the developers Spiders Studio and Cyanide Studio, have put out a launch trailer to help players tide over their wait.  The trailer not only gears players up for the launch, but gives more information on the game to give a better understanding of the world and story of the game.

Of Orcs and Men releases not only in retail for Xbox, PS3, and PC in Europe on October 11th, but will also be coming to PC download worldwide on the same day.  Those in the US looking to get it on console will have to wait until October 16th when it comes to the PSN.

Be sure to check out the newest screenshots in the gallery below and the trailer embedded below that to get completely up to speed on what to expect.

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