CC Screen: Suburgatory 02×02 “Tessa Goes Soft and George Goes Plastic”

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Last week’s episode of Suburgatory didn’t impress me too much, it was over the top but not in the same way that I loved Suburgatory for. Thankfully, the second episode ‘The Witch of East Chatswin’ was a return to form for the show.

It was a Halloween episode, and like last year’s Halloween episode, involved some scares and some misinterpretation where something is wrongfully labeled supernatural when it isn’t. Another reason why this is great? Tessa, Lisa, Ryan and Malik dress up as the Scooby Gang (with Ryan and Malik both going as Fred), which is infamous for their discovery that pretty much everything supernatural has some explainable reason for it. And that’s why this episode worked – it had crazy weird stuff but it tempered it well with reality. The humour was still out there, but in a very aware sort of way.

I mean, having a feminist portrayed as a witch in Chatswin? Totally great. And Lisa’s line about her moving the Ouija board pointer because the spirits move through her? Brilliant.

On the adult side of things, Noah turns up dressed as George and attempts to impersonate him, which sounds more like the cookie monster, so George dresses up as Noah in turn. Part of dressing up as Noah requires George to shave his goatee, a very painful process for him, and one that leaves him looking very un-George-like. His face is baby smooth and it looks naked. At the end of the episode Dallas and George finally stop the will-they-won’t-they when George realizes that she would be interested in more and tackles it head on like an adult and asks her out. That’ll be interesting to watch, it’s been a while coming and we’ll have to see if actually doing it fizzles out their chemistry or makes it grow stronger.

Suburgatory has definitely made a return to their first season form, and I’m glad that they’ve added that sarcastic, raised-eyebrow tone to the craziness of Chatswin.

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